Asterios G. "Stell" Kefalas
Professor of Management, Emeritus
Terry College of Business
The University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia, USA
Tel. 706 546 1706
Fax 706 542 3743

Consulting and Speaking Engagements

Over the last 25 years I have worked with a number of companies, industry groups and government agencies around the globe including a large number of US companies, Argentine, Austrian, British, Colombian, Greek, German, South African, and Venezuelan companies and Institutes.

I have also directed, designed and taught in numerous Executive and Management Development Programs for such companies as AT&T, Georgia Power, Levis, Boeringer Ingelheim, (Germany), Shell Oil, ICI, (Argentina), Astir Insurance, Ermes, Dexim, Invex, Software, and ICBS (Greece).

Consulting activities typically involve helping senior management teams develop Vision and Mission Statements for their companies as well as create the corporate culture to implement the vision.

Some titles and brief descriptions of the workshops and other speaking engagements are:

Environmental Scanning: Creating your Future
The frequency and degree of changes in an organization's external environment necessitate a continuos monitoring and understanding of the major trends. ENSCAN is a system designed by me that facilitates the process of acquiring external environmental information and incorporating it into the organization's strategic plan.

Strategic Alignment: From Vision to Action
Strategic Alignment is the process of creating an organizational Vision and Mission Statement which is used as the lighthouse that guides participants in their goal and strategy setting. Horizontal alignment matches the organizational vision to the state of its external environment. Vertical alignment secures the streamlining of the vision with the various internal operational plans and tactics.

Open Book Management: Understand your Operational and Financial Reports
Business Games have been used by business schools and industry in teaching students and managers the basics of business operations. ENvironmental SIMulation (ENSIM) is a business game that is designed to teach participants the basic of business operations. The firm that ENSIM simulates is a manufacturing company that produces two products. The object of the game is to help participants understand the complex process of making money while maintaining a pollution free external environment and satisfied human resources.

Globalization: Doing Business in the Global Village
Today no matter what kind of business you are in or where you do your business chances are that a great proportion of it will involve dealing with some other business in another culture. Being successful today means having to Think Globally and Act Locally. Globalization is a program that aims at providing for management a basic understanding of the global economy and global management.

Using the Systems Approach in Building The Knowledge-Creating Organization
In today's global corporation decisions made daily by people physically and organizationally far away from the conventional decision-making centers are more likely to affect the future of the organization than decisions made by the CEOs. In other words, these "little" global decisions makers create, in the vocabulary of Chaos Theory, many "Butterfly's Effects:" small local changes create huge global results. The Knowledge-Creating Company (KC2) creates a corporate culture that facilitates the externalization of the individual's tacit knowledge and the creation of intra-and-interorganizational knowledge.