Asterios G. "Stell" Kefalas
Professor of Management, Emeritus
Terry College of Business
The University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia, USA
Tel. 706 546 1706
Fax 706 542 3743



Publications & Research Activities
this area is still in development

My research interests are primarily in the following areas:

  • Managing the External Environment
  • Corporate Vision and Values Creation
  • Global Mindsets and Global Management
  • Global Information Systems
  • Global Mindset

List of Publications
Working Papers
Research In Progress


Research in Progress

The Information Technology Productivity Paradox: Right Idea Wrong Metrics?
Environmental Scanning: A Tool for Creating the Learning Organization
The Knowledge-Creating Company: Making the Most out of your Organization's Brains
The Global Readiness Scale: Does your HR have what it takes to become global?
Transferring the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) to Greece


The following colleagues around the globe are involved in my research and consulting activities:

Juan Carlos Folino, The Ned Herrmann Group, Integra Alliance, ARGENTINA
Margaret E. Holt, Adult Education, The University of Georgia
Ernst Neuland, University of Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA
Demetrios Xouris, University of Makedonia, Thessaloniki, GREECE
Raymond Cleary, Wollegang University, AUSTRALIA


Books in Non-English Languages

Book-length Unpublished Manuscripts