Guidelines for IBM Watson Analytics Project

You should supply the following:

  1. Your team name and the names of its members
  2. Introduction
    • A one paragraph description of the problem
    • One or two sentences with the contribution
  3. Methodology
    • A table with definitions of the main variables (see below for example)

      Variable Definition
      Social Bot A computer algorithm that automatically produces content and interacts with humans on social media, trying to emulate and possibly alter human behavior.

    • A one or two paragraph description of the sample, measurement, and analysis
  4. Findings
    • A one paragraph summary of the results
    • A figure (e.g., dashboard, scatterplot) illustration of the main result
  5. Conclusion
    • A sentence or two with the main conclusion of your project
    • A paragraph about the implications for organizations
  • Submit a PDF report containing all the above on eLc under Assignment Dropbox.