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Employment Law

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Hi! Welcome to the Web page for Dr. B-A's Employment Law course here at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business.
The main information you need is on the eLCnew website.  However, this website is a supplement to that.  They should be pretty consistent, but if in doubt, go with eLC, as it is updated more regularly.  Use your syllabus for dates. You are responsible for whatever is posted anywhere on the page at any time as well as anything posted on the class page in eLC, so keep up with it. Have fun, enjoy the class, and give me any feedback you think would be helpful.  You are responsible for the entire class info web page, so be sure you look at all of it. 


The content and opinions expressed on this Web page do not necessarily reflect the views of nor are they endorsed by the University of Georgia or the University System of Georgia.


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We are more alike my friends, than we are unalike - Maya Angelou

You must be the change you wish to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi

In the United States there is not a single line of any constitution that can withstand bigotry and ignorance when it seeks to destroy the rights of the individual; and bigotry and ignorance are ever active - Attorney Clarence Darrow, the Scopes trial

Sacred cows make the best hamburgers - Mark Twain

I swore never to be slient whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation.  We must always take sides.  Neutraliity helps the oppressor, never the victims.  Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. - Elie Wiesel

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world - Anne Frank

We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.  We all share the same basic values. - Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General

You and I, we are the majority.  We don't want war.  Fun undermines authority!  - Jane Evershed

Americans need to purge the darkness in our hearts and defeat the primitive, age-old fear and dehumanization of other people who are not like us. - Pres. Bill Clinton 10/3/99

We need to not only value diversity, but to honor and celebrate it. - Pres. Bill Clinton, State of the Union Address 1/27/200

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Dr. B-A's LEGL 4500 - Employment Law Contents

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Click below to get the articles and info for the 5 class papers assigned. Your paper is to include all articles in the section
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LEGL 4500/6500 - Employment Law

Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander , Esq.animated rabbit in hat

Terry College of Business

University of Georgia

General Syllabus

(See semester-specific syllabus on eLC)

Quick Finder: Office & Hours ****Grading*** E-Mail ******* Honors/Grad Students

OBJECTIVE: To teach the legal implications of dealing with employees in the work setting who may present challenges regarding discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy, affinity orientation and other categories covered by employment legislation.

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Employment Law for Business, Bennett-Alexander & Pincus, McGraw-Hill Pub. Co., 7th ed.2012.


Ordinarily if I have two sections of the same class, I don’t mind which one you attend as long as there is space in the room for you. 


202 Brooks Hall. T&Th 7:00-8:00, 11-12, and by appointment. Call (706) 338-2293 for scheduling.


The class requirements for grades are as follows:

Each student has a "point pot" which starts out with 100 points for the class, and goes down with points deducted for loss of points from assignments, absences, tardiness of papers, etc..  Each of the assignments below is mandatory, meaning that you must do each.  If you do not, then in addition to losing the points listed for the assignment, seven points will be deducted from your point pot.  Submit all assignments!

A newspaper article or YouTube video presented to the class – 3 points

Journal entries for each day – about 28 points (depends on number of class days)
Attendance at two events during the semester which take you out of your comfort zone as relevant to our class topics, with a one-page paper on each – 1 point each
A quiz on chapters 1-3 - 20 points
Four one-page, and one three-page papers based on articles available on this website and on eLC – 42 points
one-page papers on each of two videos shown during the class – 1 point each.  Video papers are due the next class after the showing of the video.  If the showing goes over one class day, the papers are due on the first class after the class in which the video ended.

There are no exams.  However, there is a quiz based on the textbook chapters 1-3.  Also included in the point pot are any points deducted for failing to turn in assignments on time, failing to correctly answer questions based on the assigned chapter information  or other things as I deem necessary. Points are added to the pot for doing extra assignments as I permit. The points are explained below. Grad students and those receiving honors credit are required to submit a 10-page research paper in addition to the rest of the class work.  The paper does not receive an extra grade, but instead determines if the student will receive graduate/ honors credit for the course.

KEEP TRACK OF YOUR DEDUCTED POINTS-In order to see where you are at any given time, count up the points that have been deducted from your assignments, as well as any absences you have over the limit (5 points deducted for each absence over 1, unless you have an excused second absence you have made up as directed in this Web page.  Don’t forget that if you do not do an assignment, you need to deduct not only the point value of the assignment, but also the 7-point penalty for not submitting it as required.), and deduct them from 100.  When I determine your final grade for the class, I simply deduct the points you lost from 100, and add any extra credit points you received. 

Keep accurate track of your points deducted and your absences. 

All assignments are submitted via the eLC Dropbox. 

Make sure to submit the assignment to the proper Dropbox folder so your eLC grades will be accurately reflected.   Make sure your records are consistent with mine.  While you should be keeping track of your own progress in the class, if you are ever unsure of where you stand, ask me.

Make sure to keeps all emails that were sent between us until after the course is over. You may need to refer to them later. 

Unless stated otherwise the grading scale for the class is 100-94 A, 93-90 A-, 89-87 B+, 86-84 B, 83-80 B-, 79-77 C+, 76-74 C, 73-70 C-, 69-65 D, 64 and below, F.

Check the due dates for the following assignments in the Important Dates section on your syllabus


A note about eLC Dropbox submissions: Again, all submissions are via the eLC Dropbox.  There is no need to put your name or the date on your papers. It will automatically log in your name and the date and time of the submission.  It will seem a bit strange to you because you are used to how papers look for handing in hard copies.  But this is electronic, not hard copy, so it does not need the same things. Just begin writing.  For papers based on the articles assigned there is no need for an introduction. 


Make sure all submissions are submitted as Word attachments in doc or docx.  No PDFs and no other word processing program work the same, so do not use them.  Again, make sure it is submitted as an attachment, not text placed in the note area. 

The date a submission is due means that you have until midnight of that day to submit the assignment.

Please note any note I leave for you when grading your submission and respond if need be.  When doing so, do not email me through eLC, as it doesn’t work.  Only email me through regular email.  You may include a note for me with your submission, if you need to, in the note space allowed. It is not necessary to leave me a note saying you are hereby submitting your assignment.  I will know you have done so because it is in your Dropbox Folder.   The note space should only contain a necessary note (such as if I told you to re-submit something and you are letting me know this is the re-submission), NOT unnecessary notes or the full text of your submission.

A note about eLC submissions formatting: There are a total of about 9 submissions to eLC for the class, not including journals or extra credit papers.  It is one of the few classes in which you write papers.  There is a reason for that.  It takes an enormous amount of time and energy to grade them.  I have well over 100 students, each with at least 9 papers for me to grade, plus journals, graduate/honors papers, extra credits and re-submissions.  You can imagine what a pain in the rear end this is for me to do.  I do not give it to my graduate assistant to do. I grade them myself.  I actually DO read your papers!  All of them.    If I could think of a better way to handle the course and give you what you need, believe me, I’d do it in a heartbeat.  But, after years of teaching this tremendously successful, life-changing, extremely popular course, this is what students say works best.  It is a LOT of work for me, but it’s worth it because of the outcome for you. 

The one thing that helps is if you follow my instructions carefully and submit the papers exactly as I ask you to.  You would be surprised at what one little mistake can do when multiplied by 150 students.  It takes unnecessary time, effort and energy to deal with.  So, PLEASE follow my directions carefully!!!!  


Quiz - 20 points

The quiz covers chapters 1-3 and is a combination of multiple choice and true/false with fact patterns to analyze. The exam is online, so make sure to bring your laptops or whatever else you are using to class that day.  I will make sure you know when this will be.  If you don’t have a machine on which to take the quiz or yours is acting up, please let me know so I can make the necessary arrangements to make one available for you from the IT office.


News Article - 3 points

The article must be on some aspect of discrimination, and is not restricted to employment discrimination.  You may use the web, but only if you can guarantee that the information is current and credible.  Credit will NOT be given for web material in the form of cases which are more than one year old from the date of your presentation, and only then if you have made sure that what you are presenting to the class is accurate and up to date.  The presentations are done orally and are limited to 5 minutes in class. Be prepared to give me a copy of the article you presented or send me a link via email.  If you hand it in, make sure to include on it your name, date, source, including page number and date, for the article, and/or exact website. You may also present and discuss a YouTube video relevant to class instead.  Make sure to provide me the link by email before your presentation.

If you were not able to sign up on the presentation list for an oral presentation, then you must do your article in writing and submit it by the end of class on the date due. Submit to me a COPY (not the original if it is a newspaper article) of the article, and no more than one typewritten page telling what the article was about and giving your opinion of the issue.  

Journal Entries -  28 (or so) points

You are to have a journal entry for each day of class.  This does not include days on which there is no class, such as spring or fall  break. The entries should give insight you have gained from the day's discussion. Credit will not be given for mere regurgitation of the day's class or purely extraneous, non-class-related matters. It is the processing of the employment law related information that I am interested in seeing.

No points will be given for non-substantive words on paper which convey little or no insight or analysis.

The journals are yours to write and may be as personal and uncensored as you wish, since no one will see them except me. Do not write what you think I want to see. You may relate your insights to some way in which class information made you think about an event in your life or something you know about, in a different way.

The entries will be collected on the date on the syllabus.

The journal entries have no set length requirement, but should sufficiently convey your thoughts. I promise you that a sentence or two is NOT sufficient for proper processing, insight and analysis.

You are required to label each day's entry with the date, centered and in bold.  There should be 2 spaces (returns) between each entry.

Journal Table of Contents-The first page of the journal submission should be a table of contents on which you list each date of class. Number the entries and make the number the first thing on the line for that day. If you were absent and are not submitting an entry on a given day, put

 Absent, no entry   

next to the date. 

If you were absent and are submitting an entry for that date, write 

Absent, entry provided

If you want to receive credit for a journal entry for a day you were not in class, state in your journal entry that you were absent and write well on some issue covered by our course subject matter.

Papers on Supplemental Readings - 42points

You will read several articles which I have placed on the supplemental reading assignment web page and on eLC for you. The articles are divided by law’s areas of discrimination that we cover, i.e., race, gender, etc. For each of the areas, you will submit a  paper which covers the articles in that area. Under the name of each assigned article are the questions you are to keep in mind when reading the article, and later in addressing the issue in your papers.  On your syllabus is the due date for the paper. Each paper is no more than one single-spaced page, except the race paper, which is no more than 3 pages.

Note that there is both an extra credit reading list page, as well as a supplemental reading assignment page.  The former is a comprehensive list of readings you can choose for extra credit.  The latter is the page for doing your assignments. eLC also has supplemental material you can use, including videos.


Rules for submission of the supplemental reading papers
The rules include, but are not limited to:

* typewritten
*do not include a cover page
*12 point Times New Roman font only.
*margins can be narrower than one inch in order to give you more room to write.

*refer to the articles ONLY by the shortcut title in parenthesis behind the name of the article on the assignment  web page.
*do not regurgitate the article contents – instead, discuss and analyze the article.
*analyze the articles, synthesize your thoughts about them, and edit the paper well--don't waste space on repetition
* the paper must address the issues brought up by the questions under the articles for that section.
* each of the articles must be addressed in your paper
* put the name of the article in bold italics the first time you mention it in your paper.
* personal opinion is permitted, but only in the context of the questions asked.

The number of articles assigned per section differs therefore the possible points for each paper varies since the number of points for any given paper will be 2 X the number of articles assigned for that section. Note that in some cases, there may be two articles listed together.  That is because they are similar and are to be taken as one.

In order for the papers to receive full credit, they must be well done and you must include analysis of all the articles in the section. This will require you to analyze the articles, synthesize them, and edit your papers well in order to stay within the page limit. You need not answer each of the questions or do so separately. Rather, you can think about each of the questions for the article as you read the article, then when you get ready to write the paper, synthesize your thoughts on them. Make sure you edit your papers to minimize redundancy which will take up your much-needed space. It will also save you much space if you do not tell me what the articles are about in your paper. I already know. What your paper should discuss is what it is that you think about the articles, particularly as it relates to the questions you were given to think about.

I never deduct points from your submissions without leaving you a note as to specifically why.  Points taken off for your papers can be regained by resubmitting the paper with the changes made from the note as to why points were lost.  

 I urge you to read as many of the extra credit articles  from the Extra Credit  Supplemental Readings site as possible, as they will be referred to in class from time to time.

"Outside Your Comfort Zone" Papers

Each paper should be no more than one page, single spaced, 12-font.  I will be announcing opportunities during the course of the semester as opportunities arise, but you are free to come up with your own ideas.  Just make sure to ask me about them first to make sure they fit the assignment.  Please let me know of anything you hear of that may fit this assignment so that I may share it with the class.  It may be something your organization is sponsoring or something you've seen around campus or heard or seen advertised or just heard about.  If it is not an announced opportunity, be sure to check with me to make sure it qualifies for the assignment.

In doing your papers, I am not as concerned with what the event was as I am with how it took you outside your comfort zone as it relates to issues we address in class.  That should be the focus of your paper.  There should be very little of the actual details of the event.  Your paper should not be just a description of the event.  If it is, you will receive no credit for it.  The discomfort must come from feeling as “the other” or an outsider, not from simply being uncomfortable.  For instance, being straight and going to a gay club or being Catholic and going to a Baptist church would qualify.  Sky diving or visiting a retirement community would not. These papers may be turned in at any time during the semester up until the syllabus date they must all be turned in.

In-Class Movie Papers

These papers should be no more than one page, single-spaced, 12-font.  I am not interested in a description of the movie.   I will have seen it.  I am interested in your reflections on it as relates to the issues we discuss in class and what insight you gained from seeing it.  No credit will be given for papers that simply regurgitate the movie.

Extra Credit

In addition to extra credit for turning in one-page papers on articles from the Extra Credit Reading List, you can also receive extra points for attending events relevant to class, some of which I will announce in class. In order to receive credit, turn in to me a brief report on what program you attended, what happened and what you got out of it. If you are unsure of whether a program will qualify for extra credit, clear it with me first. If you hear of any relevant events, including television or other media, please let me know so I can share it with the class. You can also send the class via eLC.


Point Deductions

* Assignments are due by midnight of the day due. Leave time for computer, Internet or eLC glitches.  If you do not turn in any submission by its deadline, one point is deducted for each day (including weekends and turning it in after class on the date it is due) that I do not receive it. The date logged by eLC will be definitive. If, for some reason, you end up having unavoidable problems at the last moment that cause your submission to be late, you may send me a screen shot of what was going on along with sending the paper as an email attachment. Points deducted will be that many fewer points in your point pot.  Don’t turn assignments in late!!!!

*Five points are deducted from your final grade for each absence over one. Absence can only be made up by the rules below, so extra credits submitted for other reasons will not count toward absences.  Be careful of your absences!  People who have done all the work for the class have still failed due to excessive absences.  Consider this a non-negotiable rule.

*If you do not show up for a scheduled article presentation and I have not heard from you regarding a viable excuse, rather than getting  points for doing the article, the points are deducted from your point pot.

*Points are deducted for failure to follow rules set forth in your syllabus about the correct time and other requirements.




This is a class which you must attend in order to learn what the course is designed to provide you. I want you to attend class. You are allowed only one absence.  Five points will be deducted from your final grade, for each day you are absent over the first absence. The reason for the first absence doesn't not matter, so you need not give me a written excuse.  The roll sheet is circulated daily.  The roll sheet is the only acceptable means of proving you were in class, so make sure you sign it.  If your name is not on the roll, then you are regarded as absent from class. Please do not come to me asking to be counted as present by showing me your notes.  This is not  acceptable. Sign the roll each day. Of course, no one may sign the sheet for you in your absence.  Doing so will result in the loss of one entire letter grade off your final score as well as the score of the student who signed for you.

I want you to be in class.  Can that get any clearer? Be there!



Absence Make-Ups

If you are absent more than once, you can make up only up to one additional absence.  If you are absent more than that, you will be able to make no more than a B in the class no matter how many points you have.

In order for you to be able to make up the one absence over the one permitted, the absence must be verifiably excused by me.  You will be required to supply appropriate documentation which can be suitably verified.

Absences count in order of their date.  That is, the first absence you have is a freebie, but the next one after that must be excused in order for you to be able to make it up.

It is not the total number of absences and their reasons to consider in determining if it is excused.  It is only those after the first one that a reason must be given. For instance, if you overslept the first time, then you are out with a hangover for the second absence, I wouldn't need an excuse for the first absence, but only for the second (and, of course, a hangover would not be able to be excused).  Deciding to sleep in does not constitute an excuse, so you would not be able to make up the day with extra credit and the five points for the absence would come off your final grade for the class.  If you had a doctor's note on the free absence, then overslept for the second, your second would still be an unexcused absence which could not be made up.  The fact that you had a doctor's note for the first  does not matter, because why you miss freebies is irrelevant. The fact that you had a doctor's note on the free absence would not help you on your second when you overslept. 

Some of you may be going on job interviews during the semester.  These are not necessarily excused absences.  You should make every effort to schedule the interviews at some time other than our class.  If you choose to have interviews during our class, know that  it may not be excused and even if it is excused by me, it must be made up as instructed below.  In no instance will anything over 2 absences (1 freebie and 1 excused by me) result in a grade of more than a B in the class, regardless of your other points. Of course, depending on the number of absences you have, it can certainly result in less than a B.

Guard your absences carefully and only use them if you absolutely need to because you may eventually need them, but the absence is not verifiably excused.  I say all this, but the truth is, you'll love the class so much until you won't even want to miss it.

The extra credit assignment to make up for up to one excused absences over your first absence consists of turning in five extra credit papers for each day of absence.

The papers must be turned in on the next class after your verifiably excused absence.

The papers are to be no more than one page each  on non-asterisked articles on this Website's supplemental class readings page.
or the class eLC’s additional resources section.  If the article has a plus (+) sign next to it, then you must do three of the "plus" articles in order for them to count as paper.

Keep in mind that there can be no more than one excused absence for which you can do makeup assignments. If you do additional extra credit, it will not count to counterbalance points lost by your absences.

It is extremely important to come to class.  The extra credit papers will be very closely scrutinized for thoroughness of familiarity with the issues involved.  Any less than five articles for an excused absence will not count as credit for the absence.  Can you tell that I would much prefer that you simply come to class?  I reserve the right to change this policy and make it even tougher during the semester if the necessity arises.  You are hereby given fair warning.

Honors/Graduate Students

If you are a graduate student or a student taking the class as an honors option, then you are enrolled in LEGL 6500 rather than LEGL 4500.  In addition to all the other assignments due for class, you are also to submit a 10-page research paper by the syllabus date.  The paper can be on any topic relevant to class.  I will read a list of previous paper titles in class so that you can get an idea of what kinds of topics students write about. You must have me pre-approve your topic by submitting it by the date above.  Take a look at the areas we cover, both on the website and the textbook, to begin to get some ideas.  Requirements for the paper:
-  ten pages
- double-spaced
- cover page containing your name, date, title
-footnotes at the bottom of the page on which the note number appears
-a page containing all footnotes (this page is not counted as part of the ten pages required) in the same order they appear in the paper
-an e-mail sent to me by the paper deadline, containing your footnotes in which hot links to your internet sources is provided.  Please send yourself a copy of the e-mail before sending it to me, to make sure that all of the links are working and accurate.  Make the  subject of the e-mail:     Paper Citation Links



Let's not kid each other.  You've most likely seen "The Key" information for this class and you know the grades are high.  But don't let that fool you.  Anyone will tell you that they had to work hard to earn what they got. Better yet, you'll have to look hard to find a student who will tell you they weren't significantly changed after taking the course. The difference between this class  and others is that unlike many classes you will take in college, this one will directly affect your ability to protect your employer and your company's assets from unnecessary legal liability.  I'm more interested in you knowing how to keep your employer out of trouble for unnecessary discrimination claims that you can help him/her avoid, than I am in the usual pedagogy of the course. I give you plenty of opportunity to learn what you need to do to avoid liability because it is so important that you do it. This system of evaluation necessarily has an integral part of it, your absolute integrity in dealing with the process. The tradeoff for no exams is making sure you do your assignments as required. I'm telling you up front that you can get an "A" in the class if you put forth the effort. Since it's so interesting, that should not be difficult. But it does mean you have to do your part and do it to the very best of your ability.  I am more interested in you knowing the subject matter than anything else.  If you can show that you know it, your grade should reflect it. Don't blow it off. I don't get many who try it, but ask anyone who has done it, and they'll tell you they were REALLY sorry they did.

COMMENTS: This is a fun and challenging class.hiding tasmanian There will be much discussion of issues and class participation is important. Get the numbers of a few students you can call to find out what happened if you were absent. Check below also.

Recording: Lectures may not be recorded without my permission. Also, you do NOT have my permission to use notes from my lectures for commercial lecture note purposes.

Computers, Cell Phones and other electronic devices: Please do not use them in class. If I catch you doing so, you will be considered absent for the day.  Period.  Don’t even try to come to me and try to justify it.  I don’t want to hear it.  Just do not use them in class. It is totally disrespectful of both me and your classmates.

Academic Dishonesty: All academic dishonesty matters are considered serious and will be handled in accordance with the University's Office of Judicial Programs. Don't cheat!

Recommendations: Students often ask me to write recommendations for them. I don't mind doing it if I know you well enough to do so. Please do not ask me to write a recommendation for you if I do not know you.  Being listed on my class roster is not a sufficient basis for my writing you a recommendation.  In order to help me make the recommendation more than a general one, I need information from you. If you wish to have me write a recommendation, give me the following:

* an e-mail requesting the recommendation with a good, clear photo of you included

* the latest copy of your transcript

* your phone number and e-mail address

* explicit instructions as to where and to whom the recommendation should be sent.  Do not include postage or pre-addressed or postaged envelopes.

* the deadline for the recommendation

* any necessary forms I need from the place needing the recommendation.  Do not forget to fill out any portions required of you.  Be aware that checking the box that says you reserve the right to view your recommendation generally means the recommendation carries very little weight.  The requester generally feels the recommendation is of little value since a recommender is not as likely to be candid if the candidate is going to see the recommendation. 

* a Word attachment to an e-mail which is a draft recommendation about yourself written by you as if it came from me. 

* a brief, but full typed essay from you telling me things about yourself, your family, your goals, ambitions, and motivations, that might be helpful in painting a picture of you that you may think is inappropriate for you to do yourself. The information could include such things as obstacles you have had to overcome to go to school, particular family circumstances that may make you unique, etc. I don't want the essay you write for the application, and I don't want a recitation of your grades. I want something that makes you more than a one-dimensional person.

* Make sure you give me enough time to work on the recommendation. The longer the better. If it is brought to me at the last minute, you run the risk of me turning you down, or your recommendation being late.

* Give me the information (except the e-mail) as a total package, not piecemeal.  If you give it to me piecemeal, pieces are likely to be misplaced.

* Follow these directions precisely.  Recommendations are time consuming and tedious favors for you, but following these directions makes it a somewhat easier on me and is a small price to pay. Failure to follow the directions precisely will result in my not writing the recommendation. If you cannot follow these simple directions, I am not likely to feel comfortable recommending you to someone else.


warning sign

***Students are responsible for all my postings on the Web or by e-mail.  Keep in touch with these.

***The professor reserves the right to modify the syllabus as necessary.

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Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander

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