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UGA Admission Factors (Total Student Index)

Below is the excerpt from the Red & Black from around Monday 8/30/99, about the three young women suing UGA for discrimination because they were not admitted.  As we discussed in class, the excerpt provides the factors UGA considers in admissions.  It was provided to you in order for you to see exactly how race fits into the equation of admissions.  As we discussed, we tend to think of affirmative action in terms of race, but, as we see here, it is only one of several factors that can be used in the admissions decision.  When you look at the alumni factor, keep in mind that blacks could not attend the University until 1961, 175 years after the University's beginning.

Eighty-five percent of applicants to the University of Georgia this fall were admitted based on SAT and high school grade point averages from college prep courses.  The next group was chosen from applicants who fell below the first group but were above other applicants using the same academic formula.  Other, added factors--each given a specific wieght--were needed to tip the scale.  All of these applicants whose total of added weights was at least 4.66 were admitted.  About 500 others who came close were given another look.  For this small third group, admissions officials also looked at essays, special talents and recommendations.  UGA President Michael Adams has said gender will not be included in future years and that the entire admissions process is being reviewed.  Here are the factors and the weight given to the second group:

Academic Factors
  If SAT is between 1150-1190 (or ACT composite is 27)....add .50
  If SAT is between 1200-1600 (or ACT composite is 28-35)...add 1.00
  If student took top (rigorous) curriculum...add .50
  If weighted high school GPA is 3.00-3.49...add .25
  If weighted high school GPA is 3.50 or better...add .50

Demographic Factors
  If non-Caucasian...add .50
  If a Georgia resident...add .50
  If male...add .25

Leadership/Activity Factors
  If 1-49 hours of extracurricular activities...add .10
  If 50-74 hours of extracurricular activities...add .20
  If 75 and up hours of extracurricular activities...add .25
  If 1-24 hours of summer work...add .10
  If 25-49 hours of summer work...add .20
  If 50 and up hours of summer work add .25
  If 1-24 school year work hours...add .10
  If 25-49 school year work hours...add .20
  If 50 hours and up school year work hours...add .25

Other Factors
  If immediate family (sibling or parent) are alumni...add .25
  If one parent has no college education...add .25
  If both parents have no college education...add .50

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