University of Georgia
North Campus Scavenger Hunt

Greg Trandel

  The following six passages can all be completed using information found on various plaques, markers, and monuments on UGA's historic North Campus. In particular, all answers can be found within the area bounded by Baldwin (south), Lumpkin (west), Broad (north), and Jackson (east).

[In five of the six cases, you'll know whether you're correct because a proper answer completes the sophisticated ABCB rhyme scheme.]

When these questions were originally posted, a prize (a $20 Downtown Athens Gift Certificate (from the Athens Downtown Development Authority)) was offered to the first person who came up with the words that filled in all six blanks.

The questions were posted 10:00 a.m. Friday, January 12th, 2007. The first set of correct answers was submitted at 5:33 p.m. on January 13th.

Here are the campus locations where you can find the fill-in-the-blank answers.


  After a football victory
Athens is never dull
A plaque by the big noisemaker
Remembers ____________.

Before Athens was selected
Due to a search quite thorough
Two other towns were considered:

UGA's first was not yet built
The time for that was nearing
So students and professor met
All in a ________.

When passing by this water'y place
On your comin's and goin's
Did you ever stop to see the name
of Dean ____________.

Brooks Hall's a real nice building
In fact, it's really quite neat
It has an elevation of
____________ feet.

All those who want to see the yews
Will have to look at old pics
But if the yews were flourishing
We'd trace them back to ________.


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