John L. Turner


Department of Economics

Terry College of Business

University of Georgia

(Ph.D., Economics, University of Virginia, 2002)

Curriculum Vitae (January 30, 2019)

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UGA Economics Department

Research Interests:

Microeconomics, industrial organization, law and economics, international trade.


Journal of Industrial Economics, Associate Editor.

International Journal of Industrial Organization, Associate Editor.

Working Papers Under Review:

"Generic Entry, Pay-For-Delay Settlements, and the Distribution of Surplus in the US Pharmaceutical Industry" (with Ruben Jacobo-Rubio and Jon Williams), R/R, Journal of Law and Economics.

"Welfare-Optimal Patent Royalties Under Quantity Competition with Multiple Infringement" (with Fernando Leiva).

"Liability Insurance: Equilibrium Contracts Under Monopoly and Competition" (with Jorge Lemus and Emil Temnyalov).

"Preferential Trade Agreements and Global Sourcing" (with Grant Bickwit and Emanuel Ornelas).


"Off-Label Use of Pharmaceuticals: A Detection-Controlled Estimation" (with David Bradford and Jon Williams), Journal of Industrial Economics, forthcoming.
(see working paper version for appendix)

"Trends in Private Patent Costs and Rents for Publicly-Traded United States Firms" (with James Bessen, Peter Neuhausler and Jon Williams), International Review of Law and Economics 56, December 2018, 53-69.
Online Appendix
(formerly "The Costs and Benefits of United States Patents").

"Input Complementarity, Patent Trolls and Unproductive Entrepreneurship," International Journal of Industrial Organization 56, January 2018, 168-203.

"Demand for Residential Broadband: the Impact of Usage-Based Pricing" (with Aviv Nevo and Jon Williams), Microeconomic Insights, May 8, 2017 (invited submission).

Welfare-Optimal Patent Royalties When Imitation is Costly" (with Fernando Leiva), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 137, May 2017, 457-75.

"Across Five Eras: Patent Validity and Infringement Rates in United States Courts, 1929-2006" (with Matthew Henry), Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 13, September 2016, 454-486.
(formerly "Across Five Eras: Patent Enforcement in the United States 1929-2006.")

"Usage-Based Pricing and Demand for Residential Broadband" (with Aviv Nevo and Jon Williams), Econometrica 82, March 2016, 411-43.

"Unbundling Ownership and Control (with Daniel Ferreira and Emanuel Ornelas ), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 24, Spring 2015, 1-21.
(formerly "Ownership Structure and the Market for Corporate Control").

"Do Three-Part Tariffs Improve Efficiency in Residential Broadband Networks?" (with Jacob Malone and Jon Williams), Telecommunications Policy 38, December 2014, 1035-45.

"Dissolving (In)effective Partnerships," Social Choice and Welfare 41, July 2013, pp. 321-35.

"Protection and International Sourcing" (with Emanuel Ornelas), Economic Journal 122, March 2012, pp. 26-63.

"Strong Steam, Weak Patents, or, the Myth of Watt's Innovation-Blocking Monopoly, Exploded" ( with George Selgin ), Journal of Law and Economics, November 2011, pp. 841-61.

"Patent Damages and Spatial Competition" (with Matthew Henry ), Journal of Industrial Economics 58, June 2010, pp. 279-305 .

"Watt Again? Boldrin and Levine Still Exaggerate the Adverse Effect of Patents on the Progress of Steam Power" (with George Selgin ), Review of Law and Economics 5 : Iss. 3, Article 7, December 2009, 13 pages.

"The Economics of a Centralized Judiciary: Uniformity, Forum Shopping and the Federal Circuit" (with Scott Atkinson and Alan Marco ), Journal of Law and Economics 52, August 2009, pp. 411-43.

"Trade Liberalization, Outsourcing and the Hold-Up Problem" (with Emanuel Ornelas ), Journal of International Economics 74, January 2008, pp. 225-41.

"Efficient Dissolution of Partnerships and the Structure of Control" (with Emanuel Ornelas ), Games and Economic Behavior 60, July 2007, pp. 187-99.

"James Watt as Intellectual Monopolist: Comment on Boldrin and Levine" (with George Selgin ), International Economic Review 47, November 2006, pp. 1341-48.

"The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit's Impact on Patent Litigation" (with Matthew Henry ), Journal of Legal Studies 35, January 2006, pp. 85-117.

"How (Not) to Raise Money" (with Jacob Goeree , Emiel Maasland and Sander Onderstal ), Journal of Political Economy 113, August 2005, pp. 897-918.
(formerly "All-Pay-All Auctions").

"Local to Unity, Long-Horizon Forecasting Thresholds for Model Selection in the AR(1)," Journal of Forecasting 23, November 2004, pp. 513-539.

Work In Progress:

"Patent Litigation Strategy In Innovative Industries" (with Steffen Juranek and Thomas Quan).

"Edge-Provider Spillovers, Pricing and Congestion in a Club-Goods Model of Internet Service."

Other Completed Working Papers:

"Patent Litigation and the Geography of Knowledge Flows" (with Thomas P. McGahee), 2010.

"Switching Costs and the Timing of Merger-Induced Price Increases," 2009.

"In Defense of the Patent Friendly Court Hypothesis: Theory and Evidence," 2005.

"All-Pay-All Auctions" (with Jacob Goeree), 2002.

"Bayh-Dole to Festo: The New Economics of Patent Law," 2002.

External Grants:

"Collaborative Research: An Empirical Study of Broadband Internet Service" (with Aviv Nevo and Jonathan Williams), National Science Foundation SES-1324717, 2013-16.

"The Performance of the United States Patent System," The Coalition for Patent Fairness, 2011-13.

"Evidence on Knowledge Diffusion from Litigated Patents" Kauffman Foundation, "A Roadmap for an Entrepreneurial Economy" , 2009.

"A Comprehensive Data Set of Published US Patent Litigation Decisions: 1929-2006," National Science Foundation SES-0751661, 2008-2011.

Classes Taught:

Econ 2106H - Principles of Microeconomics (Honors).

Econ 4010 - Intermediate Microeconomics.

Econ 4650 / 6650 - The Economics of Organization and Management.

Econ 4950 - Competitive Strategy (Undergraduate)

Econ 7950 - Competitive Strategy (MBA)

Econ 8020 - Microeconomic Theory II (PhD)

Econ 8210 / 8220 - Industrial Organization (Ph.D).


The UGA Patent Litigation Datafile


Department of Economics
Terry College of Business
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"Life without the courage for death is slavery. "

-Seneca, Letters to Lucilius

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