ECON 7950 - Competitive Strategy

University of Georgia

John L. Turner



Lecture 1: Introduction

Game Theory:

Lecture 2: Game Theory Basics + Prisoner's Dilemma
Lecture 3: Sequential Move Games + Boulton & Watt
Lecture 4: Bargaining
Lecture 5: Hold Up + Mixed Strategies
Case 1: Nintendo Questions


Lecture 6: Durable Goods and Price Discrimination
Lecture 7: Price Discrimination, Bundling and Yield Management


Lecture 8: Competition in Prices and Capacities
Lecture 9: Product Differentiation

Industry Analysis

Lecture 10: Porter's Five Forces and the Value Net
Case 2: Fox Broadcasting Company Questions

Competitive Advantage

Lecture 11: Cost and Differentiation Strategies
Case 3: Airborne Express Questions

Price Wars and Tacit Coordination

Lectures 12-13: Dynamic Rivalry
Case 4: GE-Westinghouse Questions

Entry and Exit

Lectures 14-15: Entry
Case 5: Ryanair Questions


Lecture 16: Commitment and Brinkmanship
Case 6: Sky Television Questions


Lectures 17-18: Antitrust
Case 7: NBCU-Comcast Questions

New Products, R&D

Lecture 19: Innovation
Case 8: Amgen's Epogen Questions