Economics 4450/6450
Law and Economics
David B. Mustard
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    1. Law School Admission Council Website for information about the application process.

    2. Law School Numbers--data on law school acceptances, rejections, and waiting lists.

    3. UGA Pre-law Advising Office
Catherine Clutter, Pre-law Program Director
    Room 111, Memorial Hall (1st Floor)    Ph: 542-5836. The Pre-law advising office offers group information sessions, individual advising, lunch workshops, periodic law school fairs, a listserv, and other opportunities to learn more about law school.

    Pre-law students may schedule an appointment to meet with the Prelaw Advisor, by logging into SARA

    4. Vanderbilt University PhD program in Law and Economics
    Offers one of the most tightly integrated joint degrees in law and economics.

    5. University of Chicago Institute for Law and Economics

    6. George Mason Law and Economics Center


Articles in the news
   Nagourney, Adam. "Races Entering Complex Phase over Delegates." New York Times, Jan. 28, 2008.

   Tradesports/Intrade--political markets

   Evidence on the performance of Roger Clemens, New York Times, Feb. 10, 2008.

Other blogs and websites

Cooter and Ulen textbook reference - Provides more resources related to the text. of law schools based on placement in top firms. of law schools based on placement in clerkships. - this is the first company to offer an online computer assisted method for settling insurance claims. Cybersettle gives its users the power to negotiate settlements with unprecedented speed and total confidentiality.

Political Economy Research Center - explores innovative solutions to environmental and conservation issues.

Findlaw Law and Economics Resources
    Contains links to law and economics working papers, bibliographies, journals and other resources.

Internet Laws
    Provides daily summary of developments in Internet law with links to full text.

Lawyers for Less
    Auctions off legal services -

"Does the Internet Make Markets More Competitive? Evidence from the Life Insurance Industry"
    Jeffrey R. Brown and Austan Goolsbee