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Homework #1 Feedback
    1. Mainly looking for correctly calculating numbers and changes
    2. For reasons: do you have a coherent reason that is plausible and argued reasonably well?
    3. See Writing suggestions--see writing page
    4. Took off for not answering questions, incorrectly calculating changes, arguments that were not consistent, and in a case or two: writing

Class-research paper

1. Choose a topic on question related to crime.

    a. Articulate your topics as questions or hypotheses that you want to test. Do not write descriptive ideas, such as "I want my paper to be about crime." Instead, use
        To what extent does education and job training programs for prisoners improve employment post-release employment opportunities?
        Did the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban Reduce Mass Public Shootings?    

    b. Develop topics that are interesting, important, and tractable (can be executed in a few weeks). Very new policies or regulations may be interesting and important, but they are often not tractable in that there has been no (or little) research on these topics.  So questions about the future or possible policicies will be difficult. Questions like "Should we implement policy X" are going to be difficult to find research on because the policies have not yet been implemented.

    Length: 4-6 pages double spaced
    Format: All papers should have page numbers and hard copy papers should be stapled
    References: If you cite sources in your paper,
please include an additional page of references at the end of the paper. For template, see Writing Suggestions Page.
    Due: Oct. 24

    c. Google Scholar: is a good place to look for peer-reviewed references.


    1. Articulate a question--do not be descriptive
    2. Mainly do positive analysis (what has happened) rather than normative analysis (how world should be). You can do a small share of normative at the end and in the context of positive research.
    3. Need to find something tractable and that has research pertaining to the question. Things that are too new may not haveenough research.
    4. Evaluate positives and negatives or costs and benefits.
    5. Use peer-reviewed research, some examples of which are below. 

        a. Journal of Legal Studies:
        b. Journal of Law and Economics:

         c. Journal of Empirical Legal Studies:
        d. American Sociologial Review:
        e. Criminology:
        f. Journal of Quantitative Criminology:
        g. Criminology and Criminal Justice:

    There are thousands of peer-reviewed journals and dozens more than explore crime. However, these are some of the top journals in economics, sociology, and criminology and should give you a good place to start. All of these journals have easy search functions so you can identify papers that are relevant to your topic.

2. 3 Events Paper
    Write brief summaries of the 3 events you visited to fulfill your Odyssey requirement. Indicate what you did, date of event, and a 2-3 sentence summary of the event. Indicate what you learned from the event and whether it could have been improved in any way. Each topic should not be more than 1 page double spaced.

    Due: Nov. 1

    See Writing Suggestions Page: Spelling, grammar and structure affect lend credibility and strength to your argument, and therefore, will be evaluated in your grade.