David Andrew Lawrence Mustard

   These pictures are from the first few days of David Andrew Lawrence Mustard's life - January 2001.
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Mom, David A. and Dad immediately after the delivery.

David A. with Jennifer and uncle Todd - about 20 minutes after birth.

David A. with Uncle Todd's hat on Wed. 10 Jan. (1 day old)

David A. hanging out with his bear, McRae.

David A. and David B. take a nap - Tues. 9 January.

David A. with his grandparents Joanne and Vince (1 day old)

David A. with mom and Dad as they leave the hospital to go home (2 days old).

David A. and David B. at home - Sun. 10 January (5 days old).

Bathtime! (6 days old)

This is fun!!

David A. with the flowers from his uncle Paul (6 days old)