David Andrew Lawrence Mustard

    These pictures are from fall 2002.
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David boating with Ed and Sandra, Ontario, NY (Sep 2002).

David with Bobbie, Grandie, Pa, and Panda-Lanaster, NY (Sep 2002).

David playing with our new piano-Athens, GA (Oct 2002)

David A. with Rachel getting ready for "trick-or-treating" (Oct 2002)

Groucho David. Ontario, NY (Oct. 2002)

David A. and David B. feeding each other Halloween cookies-Athens, GA (Oct. 2002)

David A, Grandie and Pa at the Herty Field Fountain, UGA. (Nov)

David A., Grandie and Pa hiding under the Magnolias on North Campus, UGA (Nov)

David on Grandie and Pa's couch-Lancaster, NY (Nov. 2002)

David playing with Grandma's drum set-Newark Valley, NY (Thanksgiving 2002).