Mary Elizabeth Kelly Mustard

   These pictures are from the first few days of Mary Elizabeth Kelly Mustard's life. Mary was born at 4:22pm on Thurs 11 Nov 2004--Veteran's Day. Mary was 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20 and 3/4 inches.
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Mom in labor. The boys open presents.David Andrew, Stephen, and Elizabeth on the morning of Thurs. 11 Nov. Labor started and the boys got presents from their sister, who would arrive later in the day.

Stephen and David with Elizabeth at Athens Regional about 10 hours into labor. Mary and Stephen were born in the same delivery room.

Daddy with Mary right after birth. 

David and Stephen bring presents for Mary about 30 minutes after birth.

The first picture of all three children's faces.

David tickles Mary.

Mary with her grandfather Carrozza.

Mary with her Grandparents Carrozza.

Mary resting with Dad.

David and Stephen open their M&M guys from Cindy Owensby from the economics department.

The best for last.