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University of Washington, Seattle, USA

        Ph.D., Economics, 2001


Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University, INDIA

        M.A., Economics, 1996


St. Xavier’s College, University of Calcutta, INDIA

        B.Sc. (First Class-Honors), Economics, 1994




University of Georgia

        Director, MS Business Analytics Program, January 2018-present

Director, Full-Time MBA Program, August 2014-present

        Graduate Coordinator, Department of Economics, 2009-2013

        Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, 2018-

Associate Professor, Department of Economics (with tenure), August 2007-

        Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, August 2001-July 2007


Other Positions


Associate Editor, Journal of Macroeconomics, January 2016-


University of Hamburg, Germany

        Visiting Scholar, 2008-2014 (summer semester)


Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI), Germany

        Visiting Scholar, 2008-2009 (summer semester)


International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C.

        Visiting Scholar (Research Department), November 2005


University of California, Berkeley

        Visiting Scholar, January-March 2000


National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

        Research Assistant, June-September 1999




Graduate: Macroeconomic Theory (PhD), International Economics (PhD), Economic Growth and Development (PhD), Economic Analysis for Business Leaders (Full-Time MBA and Professional MBA).

Undergraduate: International Economics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Economic Growth and Development, International Business Environment.




I.   Refereed Publications


Bahadir, B., Chatterjee, S., Lebesmuehlbacher, T. (2018), “The Macroeconomic Consequences of Remittances.” Journal of International Economics 111, 214-232.


Chatterjee, S., Turnovsky, S. (2018), “Remittances and the Informal Economy.” Journal of Development Economics 133, 66-83.


Chatterjee, S., Gibson, J., Rioja, F. (2018), “Public Investment, Debt, and Welfare: A Quantitative Analysis.” Journal of Macroeconomics 56, 204-217.


Chatterjee, S., Gibson, J., Rioja, F. (2017), “Optimal Public Debt Redux.” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 83, 162-174.


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Chatterjee, S., Giuliano, P., Turnovsky, S. (2004), “Capital Income Taxes and Growth in a Stochastic Economy: A Numerical Analysis of the Role of Risk Aversion and Intertemporal Substitution.” Journal of Public Economic Theory, 6(2), p. 277-310.


Chatterjee, S., Sakoulis, G., Turnovsky, S. (2003), “Unilateral Capital Transfers, Public Investment, and Economic Growth.” European Economic Review, 47(6), p. 1077-1103.


Turnovsky, S., Chatterjee, S. (2002), “To Spend the U.S. Government Surplus or Increase the Deficit? A Numerical Analysis of the Policy Options.” Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 16, p. 405-435 (NBER-CEPR Special Issue on Fiscal Adjustment).


II.  Books and Book Chapters


Chatterjee, S., Turnovsky, S. (2004), “Substitutability of Capital, Investment Costs, and Foreign Aid,” in S. Dowrick, R. Pitchford and S.J. Turnovsky (ed.), Economic Growth and Macroeconomic Dynamics: Recent Developments in Economic Theory.  Cambridge University Press. 


Chatterjee, S., Hendrickson, M., Turnovsky, S. (2000), Workbook for Methods of Macroeconomic Dynamics, Second Edition. The MIT Press.


Research in Progress


“How Productive is Public Investment? Evidence from Manufacturing Firms in India” (with A. Narayanan).


“Delays in Public Goods” (with O. Posch and D. Wesselbaum).


“Public versus Private Investment in Determining Child Health Outcomes: Evidence from India” (with D. Balasubramaniam and D. Mustard).

Academic Presentations


I.    Conference Presentations

·         2018: SIDE Workshop (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta).

·         2017: Midwest Macroeconomics Spring Conference (LSU), Midwest Macroeconomics Fall Conference (Pittsburgh), 13th Annual Conference on Growth and Development (New Delhi).

·         2016: Workshop on Advances in Dynamic Macroeconomics (Bozen-Bolzano), SEA Growth Workshop (Washington, DC), Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society (Medellin), 12th Annual Conference on Growth and Development (New Delhi).

·         2015: Association of Public Economic Theory Annual Conference (Luxembourg), Annual Congress of the European Economic Association (Mannheim).


II.   Invited Seminars, 2001-2018


Academic: Florida International University, Indian Statistical Institute-Kolkata, University of Alabama, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, IMF Institute, Georgia State University, International Monetary Fund (Research Dept.), University of Hamburg, Hamburg Institute for International Economics, University of Tennessee, University of Florida, Florida State University, Southern Illinois University, Auburn University, University of Arkansas, University of Georgia, Louisiana State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Clemson University, University of Kansas, University of Warwick, Emory University, and University of Washington.


Non-academic: Eastman Chemical Company, TradeSecure, Inc., GE Capital, GMAC Leadership Conference.




I.    Teaching Awards




II.   Research Awards and Fellowships





Major Professor/Adviser

                Azer Mursagulov (PhD, 2008; International Monetary Fund)

                Ilker Kaya (PhD, 2009; American University, UAE)

                Divya Balasubramaniam (PhD, 2010; Saint Joseph’s University)

                Mark Kelly (PhD, 2015; Baylor University)

                Thomas Lebesmuehlbacher (PhD, 2016; Miami University)

Abhinav Narayanan (PhD, 2016; Reserve Bank of India)

Kayla Wilding (MA, 2016; Bates White Economic Consulting)

Sanjukta Das (PhD, 2017; NCAER)



David Beckworth (PhD, 2003), Won-Joong Kim (PhD, 2005), Hakan Danis (PhD, 2009), Ramaprasad Rajaram (PhD, 2010), Elkin Nurmmamadov (PhD, 2010), Patrick Fitzmaurice (MA, 2012), Kuhelika De (PhD, 2017).




Economic Journal, European Economic Review, Journal of Economic Growth, International Economic Review, Review of Economic Dynamics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of International Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of International Money and Finance, Economic Theory, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Economic Inquiry, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Review of Development Economics, Journal of Public Economic Theory, Journal of Macroeconomics, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, Bulletin of Economic Research, Open Economies Review, Economics Bulletin, Japanese Economic Review, Journal of Income Inequality, Public Finance Review, Metroeconomica, Princeton University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, Oxford University Press.









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