In addition to my writings on private coinage, free banking, and deflation, I have various papers on other subjects including: the Great Depression ("The Check Tax: Fiscal Policy and the Great Monetary Contraction", with Bill Lastrapes; and "By Our Bootstraps"-- concerning the fallacious "high-wage" doctrine-- with Jason Taylor); the liquidity effect (Journal of Macroeconomics 1995), the requirements for a fiat-money equilibrium ("On Ensuring the Acceptability of a New Fiat Money", Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 1994 - JSTOR link), buffer-stock money "Buffer Stock Money: Interpreting Short-Run Dynamics Using Long-Run Restrictions" (Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 1994 - JSTOR link), the National Banking System (Business History Review 1994), the German monetary economist L. Albert Hahn (History of Political Economy 1990), and the real-bills doctrine (JITE 1989).

Some of my more recent papers apart from those mentioned earlier include an Economic Journal paper on the origins of fiat money ("Adaptive Learning and the Transition to Fiat Money"), a paper attacking the conventional claim that a system of banks expanding in unison will not face any reserve shortage ("In-Concert Overexpansion and the Precautionary Demand for Bank Reserves" - JSTOR link ), and one arguing that consumers were made worse-off by the forced removal of state-licensed banks from the currency business during the Civil War ("The Suppression of State Banknotes: A Reconsideration" -- IngentaConnect link).